The Buildung

The Goetheanum was opened in 1928 and offers unique architecture. Originally designed by Rudolf Steiner, it was completed during the 20th century. The large hall (1000 seats) and its western staircase are particularly remarkable. Various permanent exhibition rooms with the monumental sculpture of the Representative of Humanity as well as models and designs of the Goetheanum and changing exhibitions also look forward to your visit. A cafeteria and a bookshop are also at your disposal.

The Parc

The Goetheanum is located in the middle of a park with numerous outbuildings built before and after the Goetheanum itself. You can discover these on a walk along the Dornach-Arlesheim architectural trail. In the park you can also visit the Goetheanum Garden, where animals and plants are cared for according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture.