Press Releases

Film and take pictures

Taking pictures and filming require a permit and coordination of schedules for the following cases:

Shooting in the Great Hall, Exhibition Room, Rudolf Steiner Atelier and Hochatelier
Shooting within the Goetheanum for journalistic or academic purposes
Shooting with purpose of selling the pictures/recordings
Shooting within the Goetheanum with additional material (e.g. tripod)
Shooting in the Goetheanum or on the premises with an assistant or team
Shooting on the site with a drone
Larger projects

In these cases no contract is necessary:

Shooting for private purposes in the public parts of the Goetheanum with a telephone or a handheld camera
Shooting for private purposes on the premises with simple material (tripod)

Contact persons

Sebastian Jüngel

Coordination of the communications Department
+41 61 706 44 63

Wolfgang Held

Speaker of the Goetheanum
+41 76 366 27 36

Jonas Lismont

Contact person for taking pictures and filming
+41 61 706 44 70